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Will Smith's Apology Is Met With A Strong Response From Chris Rock -

Will Smith's Apology Is Met With A Strong Response From Chris Rock

The 94th Academy Awards were remarkable because Will Smith defended his wife by punching Chris Rock on stage for his bad comment about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. The winner of the renowned film prize apologized to the comic twice in public following the incident, but the event’s host refused to accept his apologies.

On July 30, Chris made this statement in a speech. He replied to Smith’s most recent video message, saying bluntly:

“Everyone is trying to be fucking victims,” and made multiple jokes about the slap, according to People. “No one will hear the actual victims if everyone declares themselves victims. I went to work the day after I was struck because I have kids, the artist continued.

Remember that Will curled the audience in a YouTube video the day before by saying: “I called him, and the message that came back is that he is not ready to speak yet, and when he is ready, he will contact us,” so I’ll tell you, Chris, I’m sorry.

I’ll be here if you want to talk, and my behavior was inappropriate. Rock had targeted Pinkett Smith’s bald head, a sign of the alopecia ailment that causes hair loss.

Last month, Pinkett Smith gave a speech in which she expressed her “deepest wish” that her husband and Rock might “reconcile” following the event.

It was a season for healing; she had previously written on her social media after the smack.

To each of my nominees. You understand, this is a neighborhood, he added. It’s like I won because you supported me, and it genuinely hurts me to have taken advantage of and marred your moment.

Will expressed his regrets on behalf of iconic musician and director Questlove. They won the Oscar for Best Documentary and were being presented by Chris at the time of the altercation. Still, I can make out Questlove’s eyes. It happened during Questlove’s award ceremony, and I’m sorry, truly, it isn’t enough, you know?

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