Friday, July 1, 2022

Zendaya fans pounced on another famous actress -


The other day in Los Angeles, the solemn ceremony of awarding the BET Awards took place, which was not without incidents.

So, one of the most memorable events was the performance of Kanye West. However, fans of the 25-year-old Zendaya paid attention to another moment of the event.

The fact is that 46-year-old Paula Patton mispronounced the name of their favorite when she announced the winner in the Best Actress nomination.

The star of “Euphoria” has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that many people are confused in the transcription of her name. She explained that her name was pronounced “Zen-day-A.”

However, Paula made the rather common mistake of saying “Zen-day-ah” instead. After only a few seconds, Patton corrected this oversight and already correctly pronounced the name of the celebrity. But fans still paid attention to this awkward moment.

“Zendaya has been a real star for several years, is her name really so hard to remember?”, “You only had one job, but you didn’t manage it”

“Zendaya is several times more popular than Paul; I think she is now it’s worth calling her Paula,” “Is it really impossible to prepare in advance for such an event,” fans in social networks are surprised.

It prompted an immediate reaction from the audience, as many people had to go to Twitter to share their confusion about the accident.

A Twitter user wrote: “Paula Patton did not mispronounce Zendaya as she had never heard of him.”

Another added: ‘How long has Zandaya been famous and Paula Patton still can’t get her name?’

In March, the Deja Vu actress posted an Instagram video of her mother’s famous fried chicken recipe, which included washing the chicken under cold water, wrapping it in flour, and seasoning the chicken while frying in avocado oil.

About a month later, the clip went viral on social media when Olympic track star Ashley Spencer re-posted the video on TikTok with some critical comments about Patton’s frying technique.

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