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What Georgina Rodriguez really looks like after giving birth -

What Georgina Rodriguez really looks like after giving birth

In mid-April of this year, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez experienced terrible grief: one of the couple’s twins died during childbirth. Fortunately, the daughter Bella Esmeralda was born completely healthy.

Two months after the tragedy, the model returned to the blog, showing fans her impeccable abs in a selfie in a bikini. Many fans have said that the football player’s bride looks as slim as before pregnancy but do not rush to believe the footage from social networks.

Judging by the photographs of the paparazzi that captured the couple during their holidays in Mallorca, Georgina is still a real person, not without cellulite and a small belly.

Of course, such “flaws” do not prevent the mother of two children from looking great, but it’s hard not to notice that the shots from the star’s profile are very different from those of photojournalists.

However, Georgina is by no means the only celebrity who enthusiastically processes her own shots in special programs and runs them through filters.

For example, two months after the second birth, Kylie Jenner posted a photo with the press, which even Kendall could envy.

In a previous post, it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo and his fiancee Georgina Rodriguez are expecting a new addition to the family-twins.

The couple is now raising four children-the first son of the athlete Cristiano Jr. was born in 2010 to an unidentified mother; in 2017, the twins Eva and Mateo were born to a surrogate mother, and a few months later, the daughter of Alan Martin from Georgina appeared.

But last week, Cristiano gave his fans the sad news. “It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of our little one. This is the biggest pain any parent can share.

Only the birth of our girl shows us the strength to live this moment with hope and happiness,” the football player wrote on social networks.

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