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Wet Hair And Leg-Length Denim Look Great On Cindy Crawford -

Wet Hair And Leg-Length Denim Look Great On Cindy Crawford

The Gerber-Crawford family’s female members are currently in New York. Photographers recently discovered Kaia Gerber‘s mother, Cindy Crawford, outside the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan.

Kaia Gerber was seen strolling her favorite dog Milo on the streets of the Big Apple a few days earlier while wearing an impeccable blue shirt. She appeared stunning.

Her eyes were covered by chocolate-rimmed sunglasses, and the iconic supermodel’s wet hair flowed in gentle waves to her shoulders.

Crawford opted for simplicity and classics: she wore a figure-hugging black blouse and concealed low-heeled sandals beneath a pair of gently flared blue pants.

Cindy once again conquered New York in her ensemble, which was the epitome of ease and comfort, and was accessorized with a black shopping bag.

Cindy still sometimes poses for different media outlets even though she has formally renounced modeling. The former host of House of Style also runs his own business.

In 2004, she founded her own skincare company, Meaningful Beauty, which she frequently advertises on her Instagram account.

Now that she’s in her 50s, the happy mother claimed, her focus is more on well-being than looking good in tiny pants. Three years after the dissolution of her first union with Pretty Woman star Richard Gere, 72, the couple wed in 1998.

Presley, 22, and Kaia, 20, who are the children of Cindy and Rande, both entered the modeling industry after their mother.

Kaia is seeing 30-year-old Elvis Presley actor Austin Butler, who is getting a lot of attention for his part in the Baz Luhrmann-produced biopic about the singer.

In a previous post, Cindy Crawford chose relatively understated pieces for her daily outfit, including her go-to straight blue or blue jeans, thin belts from well-known brands, loose shirts, and simple T-shirts in delicate hues.

However, there are instances when a star is in wants to add color to her ensembles, so she chooses bold shirts and jackets. Cindy recently made an appearance in front of the media wearing a vibrant shirt with a V-neck and fluffy three-quarter sleeves the other day.


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