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We Do Not Belong To You! Jessica Chastain Got Angry At Men -

We Do Not Belong To You! Jessica Chastain Got Angry At Men

Jessica Chastain came to the defense of 26-year-old Florence Pugh. The 45-year-old American actress became angry at men who criticized the transparent dress of a young colleague.

The Dangerous Game Sloan star lent her support to Florence, who wore a nipple-baring outfit to the Valentino show. Jessica was furious at the criticism of Pugh’s dress.

The actress spoke sharply against the trolls. “Why is it so scary for some men to realize that women can love their bodies without your permission? We don’t belong to you!” Chastain said.

Florence admitted that she expected a similar reaction to the provocative outfit. “When I chose this dress, I knew that the Web would not do without comments about my breasts.

I was delighted with the outfit; I was not worried when I went out in it. It was interesting to watch with what ease men completely destroy the female body – proudly, openly, in front of everyone,” Pugh said.

The star of the movie “Lady Macbeth” urged men to grow up and stop paying attention to the female body. “So many of you decided to let me know how disappointed you were with my “tiny chest” and how ashamed I should be of being so “flat-chested.”

Believe me, I have lived in my body for many years, and I know perfectly well what my breast size is, and it does not scare me. Grow up. Learn to show respect for others, and you yourself will not notice how the nipples will stop breaking your life,” added the actress.

Actor Rege Jean-Page also supported Florence. “I, as a man, have to speak out. I don’t understand what you found so terrible in Florence’s chest. I beg you, stop listening to other men. The worst thing is misogyny. Take responsibility for everyone,” said the actor.

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