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The Views Of Mom Guadalupe Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez About Ben Affleck -

The Views Of Mom Guadalupe Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez About Ben Affleck

Guadalupe Rodriguez, the mother of Jennifer Lopez, has always been quite sympathetic. When the actor and singer started dating in the early 2000s, Jennifer’s mother quickly gave her daughter’s choice of partner her blessing. Guadalupe was upset when they left ways.

Even when the lovers were reunited 17 years later, her attitude toward Ben remained the same. She was overjoyed that their relationship had resumed.

TV host Sunny Hostin claims that Guadalupe has always thought her daughter adores Affleck. “I was aware that they would reunite. I was aware of their adoration. I spoke with her mom. Ben is Jennifer’s actual love, according to Lupe, Sunny Hostin stated.

Ben and Guadalupe get along well and enjoy being together. They both have gambling addictions, and Affleck even recorded his mother-in-law for a mobile app gambling promo.

Guadalupe is obviously overjoyed for her daughter, who wed her lover. The newlyweds intend to conduct a lavish wedding ceremony soon, where she will be able to experience happiness with them.

In a previous post, I wrote: “All through the summer, the entire world’s media has been debating the revived romance between Jennifer Lopez, who split up with her fiance Alex Rodriguez, and Ben Affleck, who had already fled the throne more than ten years prior to his engagement to the singer.”

Additionally, the actor has a tight relationship with Guadalupe as well as his beloved’s children. They thus appeared as a team in a recent Las Vegas casino advertisement. Ben’s protracted addiction to such entertainment was also intended to be made fun of in the YouTube video.

Naturally, the actor’s admirers started to talk about his relationship with Guadalupe in the comments section. They are certain that Affleck was the one who urged her to take part in the filming.

Internet users comment, “When you have connections in Hollywood,” “High relations,” and “But he has a great bond with his future mother-in-law.”


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