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The paparazzi secretly filmed Naomi Campbell in a swimsuit

Naomi Campbell is currently in Turkey on vacation, and the paparazzi had the opportunity to film her in a swimsuit.

Model Naomi Campbell once again proved that age is just a number for her.

The beautiful model turned 52 in May, and with new photos, she explained why she is regarded as one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Namely, Naomi is currently on vacation in Truska, and the paparazzi managed to covertly film her. In the photos taken on the yacht, we could see Naomi in a colorful one-piece swimsuit, relaxing while chatting with friends.

Until recently, the secret of the perfect figure of one of the highest-paid models was strictly kept from the public, and then Sean John, the chef of her kitchen, finally shared the foods that this model could not imagine a day without.

Naomi admitted that she only eats one meal a day, and judging by the words of her chef; even this dish must be made according to certain regulations.

I’ve been cooking for her for a decade. My task is to make one meal a day, very simple and healthy, from the food that Naomi procures herself. She is an “ital,” which is the Jamaican word for a person who follows a vegetarian diet.

When she travels, I make her food for the trip because she doesn’t like airplane food, Sean John told Page Six.

For years, the model has not consumed dairy products, chicken, and gluten-containing foods. They were strictly forbidden.

Naomi never orders food from restaurants. If she decides on that option, she will always ask us to prepare something that is not on the menu.

I always create a new dish for her, said her chef, and Naomi herself once pointed out that she only eats when she’s in the mood.



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