Friday, July 1, 2022

The Grammy winner Lizzo, has donated $1 million from the proceeds of her upcoming concert tour to the Planned Parenthood and Abortion Foundation -


Lizzo is an active advocate for reproductive rights. Together with Live Nation, the 34-year-old Grammy winner has donated $1 million from the proceeds of her upcoming concert tour to the Planned Parenthood and Abortion Foundation.

Lizzo did not just remember the right of women to plan their lives the other day, after the decision of the Supreme Court, which gives the states the right to make their laws regarding abortion, several subjects of the country did it at once.

In particular, termination of pregnancy was banned by Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Dakota. Protests immediately broke out in the United States, and President Joe Biden opposed the decision, which he called “the implementation of extremist ideology and the tragic mistake of the Supreme Court.

However, the Democrats may simply play this card of concern for women’s rights to boost their rapidly declining ratings. In any case, many famous people spoke out against these laws, including Lizzo.

“I’m donating $500,000 from my upcoming tour to family planning and abortion rights,” she tweeted. She later talked about her charitable contributions while accepting an award at the Hollywood Reporter Impact Awards in Beverly Hills.

“I just want to say that I make music because I wanted to make people feel something, and I strongly believe that if you can make people feel something, you can make people act,” Lizzo said.

“It seems we are always in a humanitarian crisis, like a global pandemic, institutionalized racism, or legislators’ bans on our bodies. And it can be a terrifying world .”

The artist encouraged the audience to join her. “I also want to say that it’s nice to do good. It’s not good to be a bad person.

God put me here to do good, and I’m just here to spread the good as much as possible; I hope you are all inspired to do the same.

I’m not doing this just for myself; I’m doing this for the whole world and to show the world what action looks like. Because I am for this action,” added Lizzo.

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