Friday, July 8, 2022

Slimmed Rita Ora showed off her figure at Paris Fashion Week -

Slimmed Rita Ora showed off her figure at Paris Fashion Week

Singer looked dainty in a black top and leggings on the streets of Paris. Right now, the capital of France is hosting High Fashion Week, which is attended by celebrities from all over the world.

British singer Rita Ora also received an invitation to the shows, so now the French paparazzi now and then met her on the streets of Paris.

After the pop singer became a guest of the Schiaparelli show, which opened the couture week, trying on the image of the brand, she changed into a comfortable black total bow. It is noteworthy that he emphasized the transformed figure of Rita.

The noticeably thinner singer wore an off-the-shoulder knit top, leggings, pumps with decorative ties, and mask glasses, which are popular this season.

We assume that Rita Ora is actively preparing for the wedding with director Taika Waititi, scheduled for the end of summer.

In a previous post, The romance between 31-year-old British singer and actress Rita Ora and 46-year-old New Zealand director and actor Taika Waititi is developing very rapidly.

Despite the fact that they have known each other for about four years, their relationship from friendship grew into something more only in March 2021. But according to New Idea, they are already ready to become a real family by tying the knot.

An insider close to the couple told The Sun that Rita and Taika are incredibly in love and happy with each other, so it seemed to them that formalizing their relationship would be a logical step.

Moreover, Taika all the time calls Rita his wife and says that he will become her first and last husband, and Ora does not resist this in any way. They smoothly approached this serious decision until, at one point, they said to each other: “Will you marry me?” – and immediately both blurted out: “Yes!”

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