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Shakira is going to destroy the career of Gerard Pique -

Shakira is going to destroy the career of Gerard Pique

At the beginning of this summer, rumors appeared on the Web that Shakira and Gerard Pique broke up after 12 years of marriage.

Then this news produced the effect of an exploding bomb, and after that, journalists began to report that the reason for the breakup of the couple was the infidelity of the football player.

Soon the singer confirmed that she really broke up with her lover but did not respond to the news of his infidelity.

At first, the paparazzi regularly noticed Shakira and Gerard together – they tried to be good parents to their two sons and even tried to maintain friendly relations.

But the other day, it became clear that they managed to do it very badly. The artist and the athlete had a big fight, and now, perhaps, they will resolve their differences in court.

The fact is that Shakira wanted to move to Miami with her children. Before that, she lived in Europe solely because of football training and matches with her lover, but now the singer can safely go to relatives, at least she thought so.

After all, Gerard decided to fight for custody rights and not let go of a celebrity.

According to Marca journalists, in order to win the custody case, Shakira hired a team of lawyers and several other people who collected and systematized compromising evidence on the Peak.

“This information will open the eyes of many to who Gerard really is,” the insiders explained, hinting that the footballer’s career could also go downhill due to the scandalous project.

In a previous post, In 2010, Shakira and Gerard Pique met on the set of the singer’s music video. Soon a stormy romance started between them.

The stars tried to hide their relationship for a while but soon decided to confirm that they were really happy together. And already in 2012, the firstborn of the couple was born. Three years later, Shakira gave birth to another son.

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