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Ryan Reynolds Makes Tribute To Will Ferrell On His Birthday -

Ryan Reynolds Makes Tribute To Will Ferrell On His Birthday

Ryan Reynolds will be appearing alongside Will Ferrel in the upcoming adaptation of Charles Dicken’s novel A Christmas Carol on Apple TV+. The adaptation will see a modern take on the story and is titled “Spirited.”

The two actors seem to have hit it off greatly while working on the film as is obvious by the tribute that Ryan has posted on Tik Tok on the occasion of Will Ferrell‘s birthday.

Will Ferrell has had a glorious career, starting out as a comedian and eventually branching into films and playing many iconic roles in films such as Anchorman, Zoolander, and The Legend of Ron Burgundy. One of Ferrell’s most renowned roles is the one he played in the film Step Brothers. During one of the most crucial scenes in the movie, Ferrell’s character performs “Por Ti Volaré”, the Spanish translation of opera singer Andrea Bocelli’s signature song.

It is that moment from the film that Ryan used to make his tribute to Will Ferrell on his birthday. In the Tik Tok, Ryan used the Por Ti Volaré instrumental and it appears on multiple occasions that he wants to launch into the song but doesn’t, creating the classic awkward comedic effect that Ryan is known for.

The tribute is hilarious and shows that Ryan’s relationship with Ferrell has definitely reached new levels of comfort ever since the two began working on Spirited together.

Ryan Reynolds is known for making hilarious tributes to people that he shares special relationships with. One of the most prominent relationships that Ryan shares in the world of entertainment is with the Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman. Ryan previously posted a Tik Tok on Hugh’s birthday as well where he showed that he had socks with Hugh’s face on them.

The comedic talents of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell will be sharing a stage and surely delivering quality entertainment when Spirited will stream on the Apple TV+ streaming service near the end of the second half of 2022, although no exact release date of the musical has been announced yet.

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