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Rumors Of Drake Being Arrested In Sweden Take Over The Internet -

Rumors Of Drake Being Arrested In Sweden Take Over The Internet

Rappers are personalities who are stereotypically known to get in trouble with the law often, so if news breaks out that a rapper is arrested, detained, or expected to show up in court, due to the widespread stereotype, people are hardly surprised. However, recent rumors of Drake being arrested in Sweden have been taking the internet by storm and are surprising people everywhere.

The rumors suggested that the rapper was arrested at a nightclub and that Drake and his team were detained over a charge of Marijuana possession. The rumors began on July 14 and the word got so widespread that there was actually a hashtag trending on Twitter that said #freedrake.

However, it is not surprising to anyone that social media isn’t the most reliable source of information and it has been confirmed by Drake and his team that the rumors surrounding their arrest in Sweden are completely false.

Drake even posted a story on his Instagram which showed the hotel room in Sweden where the Canadian artist is staying. The story showed a mic right in the middle of the room. The reason for Drake’s visit to Sweden is unclear at this moment, but judging by this story, could fans expect some more music soon from the MC that already dropped a new album a couple of weeks ago out of nowhere?

What Drake is up to remains unclear at the moment; surely many things keep the MC who is one of the most famous artists on the planet right now, busy. But there is one particular engagement that is probably at the forefront of Drake’s attention right now, which is the 2022 OVO fest being held in Toronto, Ontario Canada from the 28th of July to the 1st of August.

This year will see the 9th annual edition of the festival and will feature huge artists such as Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Rumors are also flying on the internet that the tickets for the 2022 OVO fest have completely sold out already but as this incident has made clear, the internet is not always right about everything.


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