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Ricky Martin, A Singer From Puerto Rico, Could Spend 50 Years In Prison -

Ricky Martin, A Singer From Puerto Rico, Could Spend 50 Years In Prison

Early in July, the court prohibited Ricky Martin from approaching the unnamed individual.

The married singer allegedly dumped his partner in a violent manner, prompting the anonymous caller to call the police. Who is accusing the 50-year-old pop star has now come to light.

According to The Daily Mail, Ricky had a relationship with his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, who is 21 years old. A young man charges his well-known relative with abusing him both physically and mentally. The father of four children may spend nearly 50 years in prison if the incest is found to be true.

The protection order’s charges against Ricky, according to the celebrity’s attorneys, are totally false and made up. The musician was prohibited by a court order from speaking to or calling his nephew, who is said to “fear for his safety.”

Additionally, Martin’s attorneys affirm that Sanchez is experiencing severe psychological issues. Additionally, Dennis himself played the part of a felon not too long ago. She allegedly pursued a woman and threatened to ruin her life, which led to issues with the police.

True, an unidentified Puerto Rican resident, not his husband, brought a complaint against the musician. He met privately with the 50-year-old performer for six months before deciding to quit the relationship a few months ago, claims an unnamed insider.

The man was physically harmed by the star after he stopped the relationship on his own, forcing him to call the police. People reported on this.

The magazine received a response from the musician’s representatives over the issue, who stated: “The charges against Ricky Martin that resulted in a protective order are absolutely untrue and fabricated. He will be completely exonerated when the truth is revealed; we are confident of that.

On July 4, Ricky debunked the accusations on Twitter and stated, “The protection order obtained against me is based on absolutely false charges; thus, I will reply through the court process with the facts and the dignity that characterize me.”

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