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Phaedra Parks Talks About Why She Left "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" During Girls Trip And Why She Refused To Talk About It -

Phaedra Parks Talks About Why She Left

Phaedra Parks is a famous American Tv personality who is best known for her appearance on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”. She’s quite a famous personality on Tv and has been for quite a while. She’s gained many followers through the controversies that happen on the show.

Phaedra Parks was fired at the show’s 9th season in 2017 after admitting to falsely making up a story against her co-star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker. The rumor was a little crazy as it claimed the couple wanted to drug and sexually assault Porsha Williams who was another cast member alongside them.

The situation was buried under the rug at the time. However, during the new show “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl Trip”, castmate Vicki Gunvalson spoke about Phaedra Parks clearing her name in the air. Recently Phaedra Parks has spoken out about why she did not speak out at the time.

She mentioned that the cast had spoken out about the incident however the network had chosen not to add the conversation between the cast to the show. She also mentioned that the incident had happened almost five or six years ago and there were two sides to the story.

She also mentioned that those who knew the real story knew it well. She said that she knew that people could like you and still believe what they wanted to believe. She also stated that she knew of her record and that one day would not decide her legacy going forward.

She’s back in the Brave family and that in itself speaks volumes of what she did. She did say that she would not return to Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Many people had an opinion about Phaedra Parks’s interview. Some of them stated that she was lying about there being another side while some others said that she was just lacking accountability. Some of the people even said that she had avoided the question because there was nothing else to say about the matter. Fans attacked her interview severely and got upset at her lack of accountability although the situation had happened many years ago.

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