Monday, July 4, 2022

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Celebrate 16th Wedding Anniversary Posting A Beautiful Picture On Instagram -


Hollywood couples are always the talk of the town. Whether they’re married recently or married many years ago, people love to talk about how they’re getting along and what they’re up to. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the same; they’re always the talk of the town and everyone’s favorite Hollywood couple.

Nicole and Keith first met in 2005 and were married just a year later. Their love has only bloomed over the years, leaving many people fangirling over their relationship. Nicole in particular is very openly affectionate towards her husband. She often shares cute pictures of both of them on the red carpet with captions like “My forever Valentine”. Fans gush over how cute the couple looks and often make edits out of these pictures calling them Hollywood’s sweetheart couple.

On their 16th wedding anniversary, both of them uploaded pictures to Instagram with one another and left some sweet captions. Urban had uploaded a picture of the two of them smiling and captioned it “Happy sweet 16th baby xxxxx”.

Nicole however posted a picture of the two of them lighting a candle at their wedding ceremony. She captioned the picture “Sweet XVI. Remember this like it was yesterday”. The picture featured Nicole wearing a one-shouldered Balenciaga dress with a bridal veil while Urban donned a black suit, white shirt, and a beautiful white rose.

The picture went viral on social media with thousands of likes on social media and millions of fans congratulating the two on their long marriage. The two have two beautiful daughters Sunday and Faith. Nicole is also mom to two other adopted kids Isabelle and Connor who she shares with former husband Tom Cruise.

The two share a very normal healthy relationship. This is probably why fans adore their relationship so much. Urban even claimed in an interview on “The Big Talk Show” that their relationship was as normal as any other relationship. He said that they would work things out and go through life together while supporting each other.

Fans love the two together and their wedding anniversary was big news to people. With all of the attention, Nicole and Urban showed off their beautiful relationship and fans were happy for them.

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