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Mia Regan Posted A Video After The Break With Romeo Beckham -

Mia Regan Posted A Video After The Break With Romeo Beckham

Most recently, Mia Regan broke up with David and Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo after three years of relationship.

However, instead of grieving and shedding tears on the pillow, she decided to move on. The model does not seem to be sad or, in any case, tries not to show it.

On her blog, she published a video in which she appeared in a fashionable look without underwear.

Mia wore a short green translucent top, multi-colored silk midi skirt, and high boots. Covering her chest with her hand and circling in front of the camera, Regan demonstrated a slender figure and a flat stomach.

Showing off her stylish look, Mia then donned a funny hat with bunny ears and smiled broadly for the camera.

Despite the breakup with her boyfriend, Mia, according to sources, will continue to cooperate with his mother, Victoria Beckham. The model maintained a good relationship with Romeo and his family – his parents treated her with great love.

Former lovers do not hold grudges against each other – everyone at this stage of life has made a choice in favor of a career. “They parted on a peaceful note and still support each other in their work,” the insider said.

In a previous post, Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan have been together for about three years. Fans of the couple believed in the sincerity of their feelings for each other – in the pictures of the paparazzi, young people looked in love and happy.

However, recently it became known that the son of a football player still broke up with his beloved. And the reason for everything was the huge distance separating Beckham and Regan.

Recall that now the heir to a famous athlete plays for one of the football clubs in Miami. But Mia is in no hurry to leave the UK. Firstly, it is there that she usually shoots.

And secondly, the girl does not like the United States too much. Insiders insist that “love at a distance” did not suit Mia and Romeo.

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