Monday, July 4, 2022

Madonna started posting her naked photos as Britney Spears did -

Madonna started posting her naked photos as Britney Spears did

And it’s no wonder they’re friends. 63-year-old Madonna adored and loved to shock the audience not only with performances on stage but also with her photos in skimpy outfits and equally bold poses.

For example, a few hours ago, the singer posted a series of pictures on her stories in which she looks incredibly rejuvenated: not a single wrinkle on her face, as if she were 20 years old again.

And in one of the pictures, Madonna even shows bare breasts but coquettishly covers the nipple with a heart-shaped emoticon.

Unlike her friend Britney Spears, who is not at all shy about posting full-length nude photos, Madonna is doing it in stories, knowing that in a day they will disappear but everyone who needs it has already taken screenshots.

But in the posts, Madge exposes herself as her beloved dressed, but in very sexy sets, proving that she is still very hot.

The singer’s fans can’t contain their admiration and shower her with compliments, saying that a material girl is still a queen who looks luxurious at any age.

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The other day, Madonna shared another video, which also could not go unnoticed. In it, the singer poses in a black leather bodysuit with a deep neckline.

Madonna’s neck was adorned with a massive choker, and every detail of the outfit was complemented by rocker chains.

It is worth noting that the singer carefully monitors her figure, and at the age of 63, she can afford to wear mesh tights and massive boots that perfectly emphasize the image.

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