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Madonna Again Surprised With Her Image And This Time With Micro Shorts -

Madonna Again Surprised With Her Image And This Time With Micro Shorts

Not only does Madonna provoke the press with explicit content on social networks, but she also generates rumors about her own novels.

So, after breaking up with 28-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams, the singer has repeatedly come across paparazzi in company with photographer Ricardo Gomez.

The couple was last seen leaving the Carbone restaurant in New York last Tuesday.

The 63-year-old singer opted for a black lace bustier for her date and showed off her legs in tiny shorts and black fishnet tights. The superstar completed the look with a black blazer and a pair of chunky lace-up boots.

Recall that Ricardo met Madonna back in 2019 when he was working on her Madame X project.

In a previous post, Correspondents took pictures of Madonna and Ricardo as they walked out of The Nice Guy Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

The young pop diva wore black shorts over fishnet tights, a lace corset with sheer inserts on the decollete, a comfortable rusty cardigan, and Naked Wolf high platform patent leather ankle boots.

Madonna has been wearing pigtails for the past two months and has completed the look with designer sunglasses. It is worth noting that Ricardo looked no less stylish in gray jeans with decorative spots of salt and paint, a dark blue hoodie over a gray T-shirt, and white “forces.”

The star’s companion’s dress was complete with a pair of chains and large rings. Recently, Madonna has been very active on social networks, posting flimsy and exaggerated photoshopped photos that amaze fans.

Yesterday, the singer shared a series of photos of a party in London on her account, in which arrangements were made to meet her friends.

Looking at the carousel of photos, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Lily Singh, Maha Duckhill Jackson, and Alexandra Trustman had a great time enjoying drinks, snacks, and a long conversation.


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