Sunday, July 3, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly left the party covered in blood -


The musician surprised fans with a crazy act during the performance. The day before, while performing on the Mainstream Sellout tour, Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, was celebrating at Catch Steakhouse with friends.

After that, the musician was seen leaving the party with blood on his face, neck, and hands. The appearance of the artist seriously excited the fans, but Colson looked happy.

Holding the hand of his beloved Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly confidently walked out of the steakhouse in pink trousers and a translucent sweater that did not hide numerous tattoos.

The musician’s stylish pink outfit was stained with bloodstains, but he himself did not stop smiling.

According to an insider, Coulson Baker’s appearance was the result of an unexpected act at the afterparty.

Later, the musician shared a video on social media in which he smashes a champagne glass in his face, shouting the phrase “I don’t care about anything!” in front of an astonished crowd of fans.

Recall that Machine Gun Kelly is a fan of bright performances and thoughtless risky acts. He appeared just hours after taking the stage in Madison Square Garden as part of MGK’s own mainstream cell out tour.

Avril Lavigne and Willow Smith played the opening roles for the star.

Prior to the show’s launch, Machine Gun Kelly – born Colson Baker celebrated on his Instagram story to show off his stunning stage get-up and sell the famous spot in ‘One Day.

The musician shared one of them in the recently released film Life in Pink, in which he spoke about a suicide attempt.

According to an insider, after the incident, Coulson Baker’s 13-year-old daughter Casey persuaded her father to help treat her addiction.

The singer admitted that he finally decided to seek treatment and fight drugs: “This time I should really send contraband.”

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