Saturday, July 2, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly admits he was in a tense relationship with his father for a long time -


Colson Baker, better understood as Machine Gun Kelly, shared traumatic moments from his life in La Vie en Rose, which premiered today.

As a teenager, the singer was in a tense relationship with his father for a long time. In 2020, on the anniversary of the release of the music album Hotel Diablo, the singer announced that his father had died that same morning.

The singer admitted that he was heartbroken and tried to cope with it with the help of drugs, because of which he faced paranoia and began to go crazy.

Colson recalled that at one of the turning points, he called his beloved Megan Fox and threatened to commit suicide, but by a lucky chance, the weapon from which he was ready to shoot himself did not work.

According to an insider, after the incident, Colson Baker’s 13-year-old daughter Casey convinced her father to seek help in drug addiction treatment.

The singer admitted that then he finally decided to undergo therapy and start fighting addiction: “This time I really should send banned substances.”

Recall that now Machine Gun Kelly is engaged to Megan Fox, and judging by the photos on social networks, the couple is happy.

They started talking about their relationship about two years ago, after the release of the musician’s video for the song Bloody Valentine, in which the actress appeared.

MGK concluded that Fox is a big part of his life, adding, “Megan became like the sun to me – as I revolve around her and give me life. And it helps me grow, “he added.” It’s just like every fairy they never told you at school, that they never taught you.

The passion between us is another world. I know I have known him in many lives.

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