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Lizzo sang Beyoncé's hit at Carpool Karaoke

The American R&B and hip-hop artist became a guest on James Corden’s TV show. On the new edition of Carpool Karaoke, Lizzo performed the unreleased song “Special,” taught the host a dance from TikTok, and lit up Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love.”

Lizzo took part in the musical project Carpool Karaoke, where the stars sing along to their songs in a car with host James Corden.

The new release featured the bangers “Good as Hell,” “Juice,” and “Truth Hurts,” as well as the unreleased track “Special” from the singer’s self-titled album, which will premiere on July 15.

In addition, Melissa once again demonstrated her flute skills and organized a street dance show to the April single “About Damn Time.

“The latter went viral on TikTok, complete with dance moves designed by internet celebrity Jayden Gomez.

Especially for Corden, Lizzo arranged an open-air choreographic master class. After training, they shot an enchanting TikTok video along with two dozen more dancers, among whom was Gomez herself.

Another highlight of the show was Melissa and James’ performance of Beyoncé’s immortal “Crazy In Love” from her 2003 debut.

Lizzo revealed that she has long been a fan of the R&B diva, whose music helped her believe in herself. The artist even named her flute Sasha Flute after Bey’s alter ego Sasha Fierce.

“When I was shy, didn’t believe that I was cool, and when I was teased, I listened to Beyoncé in my room and moved to another place.

I had a feeling that my life would get better, that there was hope. When I dropped out of college and was very depressed, I listened to the B’Day album on repeat.

I constantly sang these songs and thought: “I will become a singer.” I want, just like her, to influence the state of people with the help of music. She was my guiding light,” shared Lizzo.

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