Saturday, July 2, 2022

Lisa Kudrow Says Romy And Michele Sequel Is In The Works -


Lisa Kudrow is one of the most fan-favorite actresses of our time with most of her popularity stemming from the classic 90s sitcom, Friends, which people are still obsessed with to this day and new viewers keep tuning in to the show.

However, Lisa has also given the fans many other classics, such as 1997’s Romy and Michele which had Lisa starring alongside Mira Sorvino. The film follows the story of 2 friends played by Lisa and Mira who wish to impress their old classmates from high school as the 10-year reunion of their high school batch is coming up.

Lisa recently sat down for an interview where she talked about a possible sequel to the hit movie.

The actress revealed that the sequel is in the works right now. “It’s in the works. It is potentially happening,” said the Friends actress.

When asked whether she had received a script yet Lisa said she had neither received a script nor an offer but she is aware that a conversation is happening about a potential sequel. If it’s enough to excite Lisa, it’s enough to excite the fans.

Speaking of bringing up classic old works of the actress, Lisa was asked would she be okay with a Friends reboot and the actress said yes but only on one condition, when asked what that condition was, Lisa said she’d want a completely new cast for the show and new writers telling new stories which resonate with today’s audience.

When describing what such a show would look like, Lisa used the following words:

“Everyone wouldn’t be white…It would just be exploring what people in their twenties are exploring right now. It has to be different… You would need different writers… If someone wants to reboot it and update it, and it’s not my call… you need people telling the stories that can write those stories.”

Whether it’s Friends or Romy and Michele, fans would be more than happy to see Lisa Kudrow back in action.

As of now, Kudrow is working on her a new show, Who Do You Think You Are?

The show is a genealogy series that has stars exploring their family history. The show premieres July 10 on NBC.


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