Sunday, July 3, 2022

Kristen Stewart unexpectedly and drastically changed her hair -


The romantic thriller Love Lies Bleeding, starring Kristen Stewart, is currently filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The star of Spencer: The Secrets of Princess Diana and Twilight will play the role of a close friend of a bodybuilder girl.

To match her character, Stewart ditched her blond locks and wore dark hair. Her haircut has also changed – now it resembles a fashionable mullet hairstyle (the hair is cut short in front and on the sides and remains long in the back).

This is not the first experiment with Kristen’s hair for the sake of art. In 2009, the Academy Award nominee dyed her hair jet black and cut it off to play Joan Jett in the biopic The Runaways.

Then in 2017, the actress appeared at the premiere of her directorial debut, Come, Swim, with a new haircut and multi-colored coloring. And this is not the whole list of her metamorphoses.

In a previous post, At the beginning of the year, Kristen Stewart received her first Oscar nomination for her role as the Princess of Wales in Pablo Larrain’s biopic Spencer, but she did not receive the statuette.

The actress did not hide her disappointment but was not going to give up trying to get the coveted statuette. The new work of the actress, the contract for which was signed this week, is the role in the A24 film company’s thriller Love Lies Bleeding.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Twilight star will star in a film that will take viewers into the world of bodybuilding, where harsh principles and fierce competition reign.

Stewart will appear on the screen as the girlfriend of a beefy athlete, for the role of which director Rose Glass is still looking for a candidate.

Kristen has already played a similar role in the romantic comedy Happiest Season. The film, released on the Hulu streaming service in January 2021, tells the audience about the romantic relationship between two women and raises the current issue.

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