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Kesha Celebrates Fourth Of July With Her Booty And A Rock

Kesha is known as one of the biggest pop sensations in the world. With so many hit singles and albums released, she’s truly one of the most inspirational people in the music industry. With so many fans, Kesha has truly made a name for herself in the world and chooses to relish in all of it.

Recently, on the fourth of July, Kesha was seen enjoying her life. On Monday, the singer was seen posting a story to her Instagram with her, her booty, and a rock. She was wishing her followers a happy 4th of July. The picture showed Kesha leaning against a rock with her booty and posing for the camera.

Kesha also showed off her black hair with bleached blonde hangs. She has on some sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun as she leans back on the rock in a green bathing suit with a stunning golden design. The picture also displays an array of tattoos. There are some heart-shaped tattoos on her left arm as well as tattoos on her hands and knuckles. Her legs however have no tattoos on them.

Kesha captioned the story with the words “Just hanging out w my booty on this rock. Happy 4th”. Fans of Kesha are really glad to see her doing well in life and are ecstatic about her having fun. Kesha has also been showing herself having fun in other places such as her trip to Iceland. Fans were really happy to see Kesha living her life and called her a star.

Kesha deserves a break because she does have some big plans ahead. It is reported that Kesha is appearing on TV again in a show called “Conjuring Kesha” on Disney+. Fans are excited to see Kesha back on track as she becomes the center of everyone’s attention again.

Fans are supportive of Kesha after everything that she has been through and can’t wait to see Kesha succeed in future projects as well. Kesha is truly one of the most loved stars on earth.

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