Friday, July 1, 2022

Judie Sweetin was blotted with a nominal injury to her arm when police knocked her to the ground -


The Full House situation comedy star suffered a minor injury to her hand after being knocked to the ground during a protest against the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Jodie Sweetin was spotted with a small bruise on her arm days after cops knocked her to the ground. The photo shows a bruise on his right hand, which the publication published on Monday, June 27.

The actress was carrying a drink as she unloaded the car in a tank top that showed a small bruise on her arm.

Jodie, wore an olive green top that showed a slight discoloration around her right bicep. Obviously, this is the hand she landed on.

The bruise became more distinct with magnification. Despite the bruise, another photo showed the actress with a smile on her face, and she seemed carefree.

While following a demonstration against the Supreme Court’s judgment to overturn Roe v. Wade’s ruling on Jodie, the police apparently used force, pushing her to the ground in a disturbing video.

She landed on her hand on the city sidewalk. Even though it looked like a terrible fall, Jodie stood up again and seemed ready to fight for women’s rights next.

After the video was released, Jodie vowed to continue fighting for abortion rights in a separate statement.

“I am extremely proud of the hundreds of people who came yesterday to exercise their First Amendment freedoms and take prompt effort to peacefully oppose the huge injustice committed by our Supreme Court,” she said.

The LAPD also released a statement saying they are investigating the use of force in the captured moment, which they have archived in the clip.

After the US president released his speech calling for the landmark case not to be canceled, a host of celebrities took to social media and protested to announce that they were furious at the decision.

Following the decision, Jodie took to her Instagram account to raise funds.

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