Sunday, July 3, 2022

Johnny Depp refused to play the role of Jack Sparrow again, even for $300 million -


It seems that Johnny Depp has finally done what he has been suing Amber Heard for many months.

The actor not only restored his good name, as the court recognized the accusations of his ex-wife as slander but refused the Disney studio, which had hastily terminated the contract with him amid a scandalous divorce.

Now, according to insiders, when the producers came to Depp to put up and offered to play the role of Jack Sparrow again, he refused them.

The exact amount of the proposed contract is unknown, but earlier information appeared on the network that the company was ready to offer the star a record $300 million.

To this, in an interview, Johnny Depp replied that he would not agree to become a pirate of the Caribbean again, even for such a grandiose amount.

The actor’s rep also confirmed that Depp has no plans to return to the role of Jack Sparrow. It’s a pity because it is simply impossible to imagine this project without its most charismatic participant.

We suspect that another petition will soon appear on the Internet because earlier his devoted fans have already collected hundreds of thousands of signatures demanding that the actor be returned to the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 6 “, as well as to reinstate him ” in the position ” of the wizard Grindelwald in ” Fantastic beasts.”

Depp, who has played Captain Jack Sparrow in the last five Pirates films, testified that Disney fired him from Pirates 6 amid allegations of Heard’s abuse.

“Two years have passed around the world talking about my wife being better,” Depp told the court, citing Heard’s initial restraining order against her in 2016. “So I’m sure Disney was trying to sever ties to stay safe. The #MeToo movement was in full swing at the time.

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