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In The Photograph, Madonna Is Wearing A Black Lace Corset -

In The Photograph, Madonna Is Wearing A Black Lace Corset

Although Madonna has always shocked the public, in recent years, the 63-year-old singer has started to do it nearly constantly. Her private social media profiles are chock-full of hot content in which she strikes provocative and semi-naked poses.

Her most recent upload is a video for the renowned song Hung Up that Madonna reportedly shot on her phone. The singer is seen in it wearing a black lace corset, cross-shaped earrings, diamond-studded silver necklaces and brooches, and gold bracelets and rings on her hands.

Naturally, a makeup filter was utilized for the video, resulting in the flawlessly even skin tone, the red lipstick, and the thick lashes.

In spite of the conflicting reactions from fans, the Queen of Pop has posted explicit photos on social media before.

The video received more than 1.5 million views and 5,500 comments in less than a day. The singer’s fans describe her as the most attractive and seductive woman in the entire globe.

In a previous post, In addition to her live performances, Madonna enjoys shocking her audience in photographs by donning tight clothing and striking positions.

For instance, the singer recently shared a series of images on her Instagram stories in which she appears remarkably youthful, with no signs of aging and the appearance of being 20 years old once more.

Madonna even reveals naked breasts in one of the images, although she coquettishly covers the nipple with a heart-shaped emoji.

Madonna is uploading full-length nude images in stories because she is aware that they would vanish in a day, unlike her pal Britney Spears who has no qualms about doing so (but everyone who needs it has already taken screenshots).

However, Madonna reveals herself in the posts as her favorite dress, but in very sensual outfits, demonstrating that she is still very attractive.


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