Saturday, July 2, 2022

Georgina Rodriguez can't get back into shape, but that doesn't stop her from wearing a mini bikini -


Georgina Rodriguez interrupted her Spanish vacation for just one evening: the girl went to the Jacquemus show, which took place in a salt cave near the coastal Arles southeast France, after which she returned to the yacht to her beloved Cristiano Ronaldo and children.

A week ago, they rested off the coast of Palma de Mallorca, and now they are already in Ibiza.

The couple, along with their children, spends most of their time on a private yacht.

Recently, the paparazzi photographed 28-year-old Georgina sunbathing and swimming in a black bikini, and a double silver necklace complemented her look.

The figure of the girl is far from ideal: she has a belly and noticeable cellulite on her hips, but, apparently, this does not really bother her.

Recall that in mid-April of this year, Rodriguez gave birth to Ronaldoopposite-sex twins, but due to tragic circumstances, the boy did not survive.

The couple steadfastly endured this loss, though disappearing for several months from all secular radars, asking followers and members of the press to respect their personal space and not disturb them.

But, apparently, now Georgina and Cristiano are ready to return to social life.

In a previous post, Cristiano Ronaldo shared on the web the first family photo taken after the discharge of his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and their aborning daughter.

A few days ago, the pair had twins, but the happy event was overshadowed by the tragedy: the boy died during childbirth because he was very weak.

It was a great shock to the parents, their loved ones, and Ronaldo’s fans all over the world. Friends, colleagues, and millions of people send their condolences to the couple, supporting and consoling Cristiano and Georgina.

Thanks to this flow of love, the 37-year-old decided to share a touching family photo with a newborn baby on social networks.

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