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Fans asked Kim Kardashian to be more natural -

Fans asked Kim Kardashian to be more natural

Not so long ago, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian introduced her updated line of skin care products, SKKN.

And in support of the launch, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star went on the Today talk show, where a video was shown of Kim without makeup dark circles under her eyes, slight skin rashes, and wrinkles were noticeable, but this did not bother Kim’s fans in any way.

They were delighted with how beautiful she looked without a gram of makeup and asked Kardashian to post photos more often in the future that emphasizes her natural beauty.

Followers unanimously said that Kim needs to end up with photoshop and tight makeup that completely covers her skin. Comments included: “If she used less foundation, she would look much better” and “It’s so nice to see a real photo.”

Throughout the program, Kardashian smiled shyly, saying that she would think about this offer.

And literally the next day, a new picture appeared in the star’s account, where she was with her signature makeup, emphasizing her cheekbones, but without underwear, exposing her chest and one thigh.

Perhaps Kardashian is trying to show her naturalness in this way, in the literal sense of the word.

But in fairness, we note that photos periodically appear on Kim’s personal page where she shows herself real: without makeup and retouching, chewing a piece of pizza, or greeting the sun.

By the way, such pictures are gaining no fewer likes than those in which she is in full combat readiness.

In a previous post, The other day it became known that for Kourtney Kardashian, participation in the cult reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was very difficult and not without a trace.

“Filming our project ended up being a really toxic environment for me. I fought with my sisters, there was always so much going on around. I was not happy, and it seemed to me that I was a character in the film, and not a real person, ”Kourtney said in an interview with an American publication.

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