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Ed Sheeran And His Wife Cherry Seaborn Named Daughter Jupiter -

Ed Sheeran And His Wife Cherry Seaborn Named Daughter Jupiter

31-year-old Ed Sheeran admitted that he named his two-month-old daughter Jupiter. The British musician has indicated that the name means a lot to both him and his wife, 30-year-old Cherry Seaborn.

The performer of the hit “Shape Of You” in the second time maet his father. Ed admitted that he had a daughter, but her parents still kept the name of the baby a secret. Today it became known that Sheeran and Seaborn named the girl Jupiter.

This name has recently gained particular popularity abroad, but also has a special meaning for Ed and Cherry. Jupiter – means courage and courage. These qualities play an important role for a girl, especially when her father is a world superstar.

“Ed and Cherry liked both the meaning of the name and its uniqueness – the family does not know this name. This name suits her so well! She is really very brave and brave,” said the insider.

A source close to the family mentioned the strong relationship between Sheeran and Seaborn. “Cherry is ready to be a mom again if they come to that. Their marriage is truly made in heaven. They have a wonderful family,” assured the insider.

Ed and Cherry have an older daughter who turns two this year. The baby’s name is Lyra Antarctica. Parents are glad that she has a younger sister , with whom she can spend most of her time.

“They will learn to care for and protect each other if need be,” the source added to The Sun.

In a previous post, The 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards were held in Budapest. Ed Sheeran took to the red carpet in a bright blue velor suit with a fire print.

He completed the look with black leather shoes with a small heel. Sheeran tousled his red hair and posed for photographers in this form.


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