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Does Armie Hammer Work At A Hotel In The Cayman Islands? -

Does Armie Hammer Work At A Hotel In The Cayman Islands?

Exhausted by scandals, Armie Hammer seems to have decided to start life from scratch, only now in the Cayman Islands.

Last Wednesday, talk show producer Desus & Mero Muna Mire tweeted a photo of a brochure promoting discounted drinks, lottery tickets, and vouchers.

What caught the awareness of netizens, however, was a picture of Hammer saying he was a “personal concierge” for all arriving guests.

“My friend’s parents went on vacation to the Cayman Islands, and Armie Hammer was their concierge; I still can’t get over it,” Mira wrote before the tweet was deleted.

As the photo went viral online, users wondered what was going on in the professional life of the once-famous actor. He has been avoiding the public eye for quite some time due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Shortly after the report appeared, Variety magazine denied that the Social Network star was now an employee of Morritt’s.

But in the days that ensued, TMZ published more images of Hammer at the resort wearing a light blue polo shirt and navy pants, walking to the office with a similarly dressed man.

The paparazzi then posted another photo of the Army on Sunday, again in a similar outfit, in the office, sitting at a desk.

As it turns out, the photo was taken in June and showed Hammer allegedly selling a timeshare to a couple.

Timeshare is one of the forms of ownership when, for example, real estate can be rented by several people at once, that is, tenants, at different times, while they book specific apartments in advance by paying annual fees.

In general, everyone immediately decided that ARMY decided to lay low and get a regular job at the hotel. Now the head of the resort decided to dispel the empty rumors and told what was really happening in all those shots with the participation of the actor.

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