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Demi Moore Explains Why She Won't Ever Go Back To Short Hair -

Demi Moore Explains Why She Won't Ever Go Back To Short Hair

Demi Moore went to considerable lengths for the sake of getting movie parts. The actor had a drastic weight loss and intense training to become her heroines. The actress even shaved her head for the movie “GI Jane.”

Naturally, this is one of the most well-known roles an actress has ever played. But she acknowledges that had she known what she knows now, she might not have chosen such a beauty makeover.

“Now that I’m older, I feel like I have nothing left to prove. Moore told People that the producers might provide a wig for me if they wanted a different hairstyle.

The celebrity acknowledged that she now makes an effort to touch her hair as little as possible.

“With my hair, I tried all I could. I colored, bobbed, and shaved. I try not to touch them when I’m not working. Even when someone touches them, it still causes worry. I don’t do anything with them if I don’t have to go someplace. Furthermore, I don’t wash them frequently, she added.

Moore views having long hair as not just an added opportunity to boost her confidence but also as a personal means of dispelling patriarchal stereotypes about women.

“I recall hearing that ladies shouldn’t have long hair as they age. However, who said it? It got me thinking that if they can develop in a healthy way, If so, why not sport long hair? I don’t like the regulations since they are meaningless and unjustified, the celebrity said in his final statement.

Moore’s gorgeous hair is the star of the new Demi Moore x Andie swimsuit ad, which features bikinis and one-pieces, the diva said. Similar efforts are being made to combat ageist presumptions.

Women don’t want to appear stoic or feel unattractive. “Changing this notion that we become less desirable as we age was truly something in my own thinking, she added.

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