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Chris Rock's Receipt Of Will Smith's Apology For Slapping -

Chris Rock's Receipt Of Will Smith's Apology For Slapping

Will Smith‘s scandalous actions at the Oscars are difficult for most people to forget. But receiving a smack on stage has repercussions, and the Hollywood actor’s video apology was too little, too late. Hollywood Insider couldn’t help but weigh in on this divisive action.

“He wasn’t acting out of the kindness of heart. Will knew that he wasn’t as well-liked as he once was, that the slap wouldn’t go away, and that he had actually harmed his career in the long run.

People still remember that Will Smith punched someone on public television before going out and partying hard at a Vanity Fair party, the man claimed.

The Oscar winner admitted this week that he was “in a fog” when the notorious slap took place, which is why he did not apologize to The Rock in a speech he gave that night to accept an honorary award for best male part.

“When I called Chris, they said he wasn’t ready to speak yet, but he will contact us when he is ready. Chris, I’ll tell you: I beg your pardon. When you’re ready to chat, I’m here. My behavior was inexcusable. My main issue is disappointing others.

Knowing that I fell short of people’s expectations hurts mentally and emotionally since I detest disappointing people.

My task involves making a sincere effort to repent while attempting to do so without feeling self-conscious. I tried not to think of myself as a piece of trash since I am human; I made a mistake, “said Will.

However, a Hollywood insider pointed out that the film appears to have been produced by a group of publicists and psychotherapists.

Even the surroundings resemble a disreputable psychiatrist’s clinic. It appears disingenuous. But it appears that everyone has gotten the word that Will still requires extensive counseling, “added the source.


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