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Chris Evans Says His Costume Was The Worst In The Avengers -

Chris Evans Says His Costume Was The Worst In The Avengers

Captain America was one of the first and without any doubt one of the most iconic members of the Avengers in the MCU. Played by Chris Evans, the character’s arc over the course of 10 years saw one of the best evolutions, with Evans doing justice to the role in a way that only he can. Now that the character has retired in the MCU after his final battle in Avengers: Endgame against the armies of Thanos, the actor who played the character is free to reminisce and tell us his thoughts on the journey, and Chris Evans has a major complaint.

In a video feature with LADbible TV, Chris Evans has admitted that he feels he had the worst costume in the Avengers group, especially when compared to the other members. Now, granted that the other members feature Iron Man with a fantastic Gold-Titanium allow suit full of crazy gadgets and Thor with graceful Asgardian robes and medals covering his entire godly figure, but it probably isn’t fair to say that Captain America was the worst. With the exception of Iron Man, Captain America’s costume saw the most changes to it throughout the first 10 years of the MCU.

The first Captain America film featured 2 costumes for Cap, one that was just a stage wardrobe, made for shows where Captain Rogers would try to raise the morale of the army and the other that was actually functional for battle, both maintained the classic stars and stripes flare of Captain America.

The Avengers film saw a little mix of both the costumes but perhaps the best version of Cap’s costume appeared in The Winter Soldier film which reduced the brightness of the colors and made the costume much more functional for battle. From there the costume continued to evolve, taking a complete colorless look in Infinity War as Cap became an exile and returning bluer and star spanglier than ever in Endgame as Cap suited up for his final battle.

While Evans may feel that his costume didn’t live up to the mark compared to the other Avengers, fans certainly disagree as they show all the love for Captain America.

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