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Chris Evans Admits That Finding A Wife Is His Top Priority Now -

Chris Evans Admits That Finding A Wife Is His Top Priority Now

Chris Evans was open and forthcoming about his future ambitions, admitting that he is very serious about finding a spouse with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

The actor, who is the hero of millions, is currently filming the next Netflix thriller, “The Gray Man,” in which he plays a contract assassin who is fixated on the thought of finding his victim, Ryan Gosling. As it turns out, finding true love can be incredibly challenging for a Hollywood star.

“Look, I enjoy what I do. I’m giving it my best; it’s fantastic. The search for a partner to whom you can truly offer your all, however, is fraught with uncertainty and trepidation in terms of personal life, according to Evans.

His coworker and actress Jenny Slate was the most recent woman to win the heart of an eligible bachelor. Former lovers who met while working on the 2017 film The Gifted parted ways in March 2018.

“Chris has no negative thoughts for Jenny Slate and is indifferent about her. He’s pleased for her, an insider at the time told Us Weekly.

His ex-girlfriend didn’t have anything negative to say about him either; in an interview with Vulture in April 2018, she was open and honest about her relationship with Captain America.

“Chris is one of the kindest people I have ever encountered, to the point that sometimes I looked at him, and it broke my heart, so we are joined not just by the fact that we are both from Massachusetts, which was so beautiful.

Just being around him is fantastic. If you could paint his heart, it would definitely be made of gold, she said at the time.

Additionally, Evans has been seen out and about with Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel, and more lately, there have been reports of a romance between him and Selena Gomez and Warrior Nun actor Alpa Baptista.

We’re hoping Captain America will soon find true happiness and surprise us with pictures of him and his bride getting married!

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