Sunday, July 3, 2022

Cardi B openly admitted that she wants to get a tummy tuck -


The singer does not like how her body looks after the birth of her son.

29-year-old rap artist Cardi B shared a video with subscribers where she talks about how she wants to get plastic surgery for a tummy tuck.

The artist admitted that she did not like the extra skin that remained after the second pregnancy. She wants to get rid of it and can’t wait for the free time when it can be done.

The singer also joked, saying that she and plastic surgery are incompatible things. Previously, Cardi B said that she turned to surgeons to increase her buttocks and breasts, as well as adjust her nose.

Recall that Cardi B gave birth to a son in September last year from her husband Offset; this is the second child of the couple.

By the way, they are exactly the same as Kylie Jenner, and Travis Scott did not immediately decide on the name of the baby. The news that he was named Wave only surfaced last month.

In addition, the singer has said more than once that she really likes being pregnant. And she would not refuse to become “so fat” again.

In a previous post, Only recently, in the family life of Cardi B and Offset, there seemed to be an insurmountable crisis: the WAP performer once again found out about her husband’s infidelities and filed for divorce.

But the public scandal was followed by reconciliation, and now the celebrities are expecting their second child. The good news became known yesterday during the BET Awards: the singer appeared in a bright jumpsuit with a cutout that emphasized a rounded belly at the music awards ceremony.

That same evening, Cardi posted on Instagram a picture from an artistic photo shoot in which she hugged a sculpture in the form of a pregnant belly by artist Misha Japanwala.

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