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Cameron Diaz Admitted That She Missed Filming -

Cameron Diaz Admitted That She Missed Filming

The last time the famous Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz starred in a movie was eight years ago. It was the movie, Annie.

Despite the fact that the star was then one of the highest-paid actresses aged 40+, she decided to leave the cinema and focus on her personal life.

Cameron married musician Benji Madden, with whom they are raising their two-year-old daughter Reddix. The actress began to live a quiet, quiet life, away from excessive attention and spotlights and was happy.

However, she recently announced that she has decided to return to acting after a long hiatus. In a new interview with CBS, Diaz admitted that she had missed her profession over the years.

“I miss certain aspects of acting or making films. Filmmaking is a special set of skills that are a lot of fun to be a part of,” Cameron said.

According to an insider, her husband played a role in Cameron’s return to Hollywood and supported her desire to return to work.

“She was ready to act again. She just needed a push. Benji has always supported Cameron in what she wants to do, especially in her career,” he noted.

The insider also added that this time around, Diaz is pursuing a more cautious strategy with regard to his film career and doesn’t want to dedicate himself entirely to her as he did before. Still, her family comes first.

It is symbolic that the new film with the participation of the actress was called Back in Action, which can be translated as “Back in Action.” In the film, Diaz will again star with Jamie Foxx, with whom she worked in her last film.

According to Variety, the film will be directed by Seth Gordon. The media outlet pointed out that plot details about the project are currently hidden from the public.


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