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Britney Spears Started Posting Her Naked Photos Again -

Britney Spears Started Posting Her Naked Photos Again

A little over a month has passed since the wedding of the pop princess, as she returned a permanent heading of candid shots.

Each new post of 40-year-old Britney Spears attracts the attention of her multi-million army of fans, but nude photos of the singer remain her favorite and most discussed column.

After she married Sam Asghari in early June of this year, candid shots stopped appearing on the star’s personal account, but a few hours ago, everything was back to normal.

Britney posted a series of two photos in which she swims completely naked underwater, but of course, all intimate places are neatly covered.

Thus, the singer urged her followers to “keep on swimming,” even if it was very difficult and difficult; this is the signature she left under the post.

Already, the post has more than 330,000 likes and about 5,000 comments, most of which are positive. “Beautiful woman!” one fan exclaimed, another called her a mermaid, and a third suggested that these photos could be the cover of her new album.

Earlier, a source close to the singer told Hollywood Life that Spears was trying to demonstrate her freedom after 13 years of imprisonment all this time, she was under the tutelage of her father with similar nude shots.

In addition, she supports the body-positive movement, showing that even if you are far from the generally accepted standard of beauty, you can look good and feel great.

That is, Spears has a good mission and not just naked photos.

The marriage took place less than a month after Spears and Asghari announced in a joint statement on social media on May 14 that they had lost their pregnancy.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that we have lost our miraculous baby early in pregnancy,” the couple said.

“It’s a devastating time for any parent. “Maybe we should have waited for the announcement until we moved on, but we were very excited to announce the good news.”

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