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Britney Spears Starred With A Baby In Her Arms -

Britney Spears Starred With A Baby In Her Arms

40-year-old Britney Spears, during the honeymoon, met with a resting family next door. The singer spent the whole day with young children.

The Grammy Award winner is dreaming of a baby. After a recently failed pregnancy, Britney clings to every opportunity to connect with her children to remember how it was and understand what lies ahead for her.

This time, a family vacationing nearby came to the attention of Spears. A woman with two children spent the whole day with a famous singer.

Britney was playing ping pong with a four-year-old boy. The artist remembered the time when her sons were the same age.

“I played with him. He was so excited. It reminded me of when my boys were that age… I literally wanted to fall to my knees from how much emotion overwhelmed me,” admitted the singer.

Britney also noted that the boy was eating pink plasticine, which caused her concern. But the mother of the child reassured the singer and said that he was edible and suggested that she try it too.

“At first, I thought she was making fun of me. She told me to try. And so I sat down next to this beautiful family and ate a pink piece of plasticine,” said Britney.

Spears showed several photos in which she holds a six-month-old girl. The singer admitted that this baby won her heart, and she did not want to part with her for a long time.

“This girl looked at me like she saw angels! Children are amazing creatures. She was literally in her own little world. I saw it in her eyes and connected with her world.

That’s why kids are so special! They are so innocent and pure! I held her in my arms forever. I have two boys, but my back remembered all these sensations. This is love, I believe. She melted my heart,” added the star.

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