Monday, July 4, 2022

Britney Spears' father reveals whether he planted a bug in his daughter's bedroom during guardianship -


Jamie Spears denies installing a recording device in his daughter’s bedroom during custody. This is reported by the publication PageSix.

Jamie Spears has sworn in that he never bugged his daughter’s bedroom.

He made the announcement after the singer’s former bodyguard revealed in the documentary Controlling Britney Spears that Jamie recorded over 180 hours of audio recordings of his daughter in her bedroom, including conversations with the kids and the lawyer, and tracked text messages, calls, and history. Internet visits on her mobile phone.

“I know I’m being accused of putting a ‘bug’ in Britney’s bedroom during custody. But this accusation is false. I never watched my daughter’s bedroom,” said Jamie Spears.

At the same time, Jamie Spears did not deny the allegations that he allegedly spied on Britney’s phone.

It was reported earlier that Universal Pictures would close its Russian office, the Film Distributor Bulletin reports, citing a source in the company.

According to the publication, Universal sent a letter to a number of cinemas saying that the company’s operations would be curtailed within a few months.

“The parent company has decided to cease operations in the Russian Federation, as it has become impossible to conduct business due to the many difficulties faced by foreign companies,” Universal said.

In March, Hollywood studios Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Sony, and Paramount stopped film distribution in Russia.

Due to the lack of foreign premieres, the number of operating cinemas has decreased by more than a third.

The media also reported that Russian cinemas do not pay Hollywood studios for films that have been released in the past few months.

According to insiders, in the spring, Russian cinema chains froze payments for released tapes to film studios Universal, Disney, Warner Bros., and Sony, which stopped their activities in the country, as well as companies representing their interests in Russia.

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