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Britney Spears, After The Wedding, Announced A Serious Injury -

Britney Spears, After The Wedding, Announced A Serious Injury

Britney Spears suddenly shared revelations about her life. The 40-year-old American singer was horrified to realize that in her native country, she was happily poisoned.

The wife of 28-year-old Sam Asghari has only recently started a new life, getting rid of the guardianship of her father. After that, the pop princess was finally able to make her own decisions and marry her loved one.

Now the performer of the hit Toxic has spoken about documentaries about her, which were allegedly designed to help the singer cope with her own mental problems.

However, the star herself has a completely different opinion.

“I feel like America has humiliated me,” admitted Britney. The singer assured that she was tired of the constant attention of the paparazzi: they lie in wait for her literally everywhere in the hope of making exclusive shots.

Most of all, the singer is outraged not so much by her pictures in an unsightly form but by the shows, the organizers of which claim that they want to help her.

“Why do I need to shoot so many frankly ugly shots and do hour-long broadcasts, saying that it helps me?” Spears is outraged.

The paparazzi took new pictures of the star when she returned from her honeymoon with her husband.

Britney appeared in a casual look: she put on a sweatshirt and comfortable shorts. After a long flight, the singer looked tired, but photographers still shot her literally from all sides.

Britney Spears spoke candidly about her mental health after the wedding. She admitted that she became very vulnerable.

In a previous post, After the Toxic hit singer finally got rid of her father’s guardianship, she began a new life. The pop princess recently married 28-year-old fitness trainer Sam Asghari.

The singer decided to address the fans in a philosophical form. This time there were no candid shots beloved by the star.

“Have you ever wondered why people love to read? Maybe for the reason that they choose to read and not express their thoughts,” Spears suggested.

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