Monday, July 4, 2022

Britney Spears admired the earrings in the form of toilet paper -


Britney Spears posted a photo of the toilet paper roll earrings on Instagram and expressed her surprise at the design find. Page Six writes about it.

“Pearl little toilet papers. I seem to be updated,” wrote Britney Spears on the social network.

The singer liked the earrings by designer Lisia Yang. As the designer told the tabloid, she was flattered that the singer would publish a similar post and foresaw a surge in sales.

“I really admire Britney for her perseverance and look forward to when she herself manages her future,” said the designer.

Spears’ post has over 250k likes, and Yang is replying to the comments below.

The designer has been beading since 1990 when Lisia Yang started selling homemade jewelry to her classmates. The idea of ​​creating toilet paper decorations came to her more than ten years ago.

But they became really popular during the pandemic when there was a stir in the world due to the increased demand for toilet paper. You can buy these handmade earrings for $44.

Earlier, It was reported that a Barbie fan spent almost £170,000 to create a house like a doll.

The Brazilian has had a love for Barbie dolls since childhood, so she spent almost £170,000 to renovate a house in pink. The Mirror writes about this.

Bruna Barbie, nicknamed after a doll at school, has been creating a pink house for many years. Now her bedroom, appliances, kitchen utensils, bathroom, pool water, as well as clothes, glasses, and shoes are hot pink.

“Through my successful work as an influencer, I started making a lot of money. Then I had the opportunity to build a house inspired by Barbie and pink style,” she said.

According to the girl, who has more than 18 million followers on TikTok, her home is “a place where wishes come true.” Building a Barbie-style house was one of her biggest dreams.


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