Friday, July 1, 2022

Bella and Gigi Hadid took part in the Marc Jacobs show -


Marc Jacobs showed up in New York. The designer presented his new collection at the city public library.

The main stars of the fashion show, of course, were Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Models took to the catwalk in unexpected looks and it’s not about clothes. The sisters appeared with the same hairstyles: Bella and Gigi paraded with shaved temples, black-dyed hair, and short bangs.

Everything looked so realistic that the public first took the beauty transformation of the stars at face value.

However, in reality, the models did not radically change their image for the sake of the show. They managed to change a lot in appearance with the help of professional makeup.

Pictures of the sisters even appeared on social networks, in which they appeared completely bald. But this was only part of the process of their incredible transformation.

The network noted that the makeup artists did their best – the hairstyles of the models looked very natural. “I almost believed that they shaved,” “Very professional makeup to be honest, I was sure that they really shaved the whiskey,” “Great job, but it’s good that it’s just makeup. It looks scary,” said the users.

We never thought we would say that, but if anyone could persuade us to try this jaw-dropping change, they would be the Hadid sisters.

There is no denying that the shaved sides have perfectly fixed the cheekbones of the supermodel duo, while the excellent accuracy of the cut provides a shiny edge to the punk look.

The pair’s outfits for the show included a warm pink sweater for Gigi and large white platforms and a black vinyl gown for Bella with dramatically elbow-length white gloves.

The sisters often go out in the same way, most recently in the style of a swimsuit for a walk in the city. But it could still be their most dramatic reunion moment.


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