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At The Bullet Train Movie Premiere, Brad Pitt Donned A Linen Skirt -

At The Bullet Train Movie Premiere, Brad Pitt Donned A Linen Skirt

If you still believe that skirts are only appropriate for women, Hollywood’s top beauty icon is prepared to shatter this long-held misconception.

The new movie Faster than a Bullet showing, which featured Brad Pitt, was a great excuse to reconsider the costume.

The main character appeared for the premiere while wearing an unusual outfit that included a blazer that matched his knee-length brown linen skirt.

He accented his outfit with a hanging necklace, a pair of sunglasses, black boots, and a dusty rose shirt underneath the striking ensemble.

We were able to see the tattoos on his legs, which included a human skeleton and a rhinoceros face, up close for the first time in a very long period.

In actuality, Pitt had told British Vogue back in 2004 that men would appreciate this fashionable style, and he was dead on!

Next summer, men will be seen wearing skirts. This is my declaration and forecast. The movie “Troy” honors all genders. We tried to be realistic because the Greeks back then were always wearing skirts,” he remarked.

The 1999 Rolling Stone cover featured the Oscar-winning actor in a picture shoot with renowned portrait artist Mark Seliger wearing a range of costumes. With his co-stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Brian Tyree Henry, Brad is currently on a worldwide promotional tour for his most recent movie.

Pitt plays a hitman who heals from burnout and resumes work in the action comedy Faster than a Bullet.

Pitt explained his character to GQ in an interview, saying, “You know, when you go through a month-long course of treatment, you have one insight, and you feel that you comprehend everything and will never be frustrated again.”

The initials of Jolie and their children are also neatly and precisely designed on Pitt’s right forearm. Angelina is represented by “A,” Maddox by “M,” Pax by “P,” Zahara by “Z,” Shiloh by “S,” Knox by “K,” and Vivienne by “V.”

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