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Appeal Of Amber Heard Against Johnny Depp Rejected By Court

Amber Heard immediately made it known that she disagreed with the judge’s judgment and did not think the ruling was fair after losing in court to Johnny Depp‘s ex-wife in a libel lawsuit.

The actress, who must pay her ex-husband $8 million in damages, declared she would challenge the court’s ruling.

In keeping with her pledge, she submitted a motion for a new trial on July 13. The defense team for Heard claimed that there was inadequate proof of her guilt given during the trial and that it was improper for one of the jurors to be present. However, the judge rejected the request since there was no proof of fraud or illegality.

Amber didn’t give up either, and she formally appealed. On July 21, attorneys representing the actress’s interests submitted a notice of appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals challenging the judgment.

The Depp team is not very concerning, though. His attorneys are certain that the court’s ruling won’t be appealed.

“Over the course of the six-week trial, the jury heard extensive testimony and unanimously determined that the defendant had repeatedly slandered Mr. Depp. We continue to believe that we have a strong case and that this judgment will hold,” they stated.

Heard will be required to post bail equal to the sum that was awarded to her ex-husband while the appeal is proceeding. She claimed, however, that she lacked that amount of cash. She most likely found a solution to the money problem.

In a previous post, I said that there would never be a white streak in Amber Heard’s life. However, court records state that the actress’s plea for a review of a defamation verdict that a Virginia jury found in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s favor has been rejected.

Heard used the claim that there were irregularities in the procedures as justification for a new trial.

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