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After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery, Linda Evangelista Resumes Modeling -

After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery, Linda Evangelista Resumes Modeling

Supermodel Linda Evangelista has had a long break from modeling due to a disastrous Morbidly obese cosmetic procedure, but she is now back on the catwalk.

The celebrity announced on one of her social media accounts that she would participate in a special Fendi fashion show in September 2022.

The classic Fendi baguette bag, adored by fashion designers worldwide, will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the show.

She included a fresh image from the advertising campaign that will go along with the unique show. Although

Evangelista hasn’t talked much about how she feels about doing what she loves again, her many social media comments reveal the delight and support of her admirers.

Remember that supermodel Linda Evangelista spent five years by herself in her home after undergoing Horrific Plastic Surgery.

This is how she remembers those far-off events: She had to pay for her own expenses to fix the physician’s mistake.

“Believing I was doing anything wrong, I attempted to fix it myself. I then started eating healthier and working out more. I eventually stopped eating altogether.

I honestly believed I was going mad,” the supermodel recounts.

Whatever the case, Linda is much more assured now. The model is prepared to once again stand out in the fashion firms’ catalogs after refocusing on her modeling career.

In a previous post, One of the sexiest supermodels of the 1990s was Linda Evangelista. She dominated the runway and made her imprint on the fashion industry alongside other well-known beauties like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and others.

Linda was compared to a chameleon because of her capacity for transformation, her propensity for switching up her hair color, and her ability to look stunning in every situation.

Years have passed since the supermodel quit the runway, and Evangelista avoided the media for a considerable amount of time.

Celebrity fans were alarmed by Linda’s secluded lifestyle and reluctance to interact with the public and those few images that the paparazzi were able to get revealed how drastically she had deteriorated.

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