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Aerosmith musician's wife died after he left the band

Linda Kramer died at the age of 55. Drummer Joey Kramer’s wife passed away three months after he left Aerosmith.

Linda died on June 22, but only now is it known about what happened. The Kramers have been married for over 13 years.

Three months ago, Joey announced his temporary departure from the team, which he attributed to family circumstances.

The drummer of the cult group called his wife the love of his life. “Lindy loved Joey deeply; his happiness was her priority; she put him above all her interests,” according to an obituary published in the Boston Herald.

The text says that the couple seemed inseparable; this was noticed by all their acquaintances and not just close friends. Joey himself described the meeting with his beloved as the main shock of his whole life.

On the eve of her death, Linda published on the social network congratulations to her husband on his birthday: he turned 72 years old.

“You are the most amazing man with an incredible heart. I love you, my sweet boy,” Linda wrote.

Pierre Narcisse has recently passed away. The performer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny” was 45 years old. The tragedy shocked his family and fans.

In a previous post, In the mid-90s, Aerosmith’s videos directed by Mike Kollmer were adored by everyone. The video for the song Crazy by the Boston hard rock band Aerosmith in 1994 became an absolute MTV hit in a matter of days after the premiere and literally gave a second wind to the popularity of musicians who have been touring since the 70s.

A rather long video tells the romantic story of two girlfriends, played by Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler, escaping from a boarding school. The girls are looking for and find fun adventures on their second ninety, as they say. The young ladies charm an attractive farmer who is reaping a topless field.

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