Sunday, June 5, 2022

Zendaya praised Tom Holland on his 26th birthday -


The first day of summer evokes pleasant emotions for many, and the star couple in the person of Tom Holland and Zendaya was no exception. The euphoria actress and star took to social media on Wednesday to share a cute black-and-white photo of herself with her boyfriend in honor of her 26th birthday. In the picture, the star gently leaned her head against him.

“The happiest birthday of the one who makes me the happiest,” wrote Zendaya. This is the first shot of the 25-year-old Zendaya with the latest spider-man, which she posted on her social media profile. Fans and friends could barely hide their emotions, bombarding the couple with enthusiastic comments. For many months, everyone could only guess about the true feelings between the rising stars of Hollywood, but in March 2021, everything became clear.

Then the paparazzi caught them kissing in the car, and from that moment on, the actor no longer had any reason to hide the truth. Already in a subsequent interview, Zendaya admitted what special signs of attention Tom gives her.

“I think it’s great to have support and love around you because you need it,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight.

Tom Holland himself shares feelings for Zendaya with his beloved and also congratulates her in his account on her 25th birthday. We hope that this moment will become a wonderful tradition for them, and we will see more than one sincere declaration of great love. After the resounding success of the third part of the franchise about a superhero in a blue and red suit, all doors are literally open for the 25-year-old actor. Now Tom Holland has earned a place as an honorary member of the cast of the acclaimed TV series Euphoria. Even if Holland isn’t in the high school sequel, we now have living proof that his love and support for Zendaya are priceless.

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