Thursday, June 30, 2022

We no longer have rights: Madonna urged women to fight for abortion -


63-year-old Madonna has expressed dissatisfaction with the new law on abortion. The American singer felt that the decision of the US Supreme Court is unfair to women.

The seven-time Grammy winner admitted that she was in deep despair. Madonna has four daughters and is worried about their future.

“I woke up to the terrible news that Roe v. Wade has been dropped. Instead, legislation has ruled that we as women no longer have rights to our bodies,” said the Queen of Pop.

Madonna stressed that the new law shook her to the core. “This decision plunged all the women and me in this country into deep despair.

The Supreme Court ruled that women’s rights are not constitutional. We have fewer rights to our bodies than to the purchase of weapons. I’m so afraid for my daughters,” said the singer.

The pop star called on all women to take to the streets and fight for their bodies. “I fear for all the women in America. I’m just scared.

I think God put it on us because He knew we were strong enough to cope with these difficulties.

We are strong to fight! Strong to win. So let’s win! We’ll find a way to get our rights back! Ladies, are you ready to fight?” Madonna asked the fans.

The singer’s appeal to women resonated with celebrities. Madonna was supported by Julia Fox, Naomi Campbell, Debi Mazar, and other famous personalities.

In a previous post, 63-year-old Madonna published cute pictures with six children. The American singer wished herself a Happy Father’s Day.

The pop icon declared that she has every right to celebrate the men’s holiday, as she is not only a mother to her children. The star posed for pictures with the heirs. Under each photo, Madonna congratulated herself on Father’s Day.

“I’m their daddy!” – assured the singer, who brings up children alone. Madonna has every right to call herself not only a mother.

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