Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Tim McGraw Reveals Complicated Relationship With Father -


Tim McGraw is a name that has been in the hearts of many forever. He was the star of the popular drama serial 1883, who shares three daughters with his wife Faith Hill. He is known as one of the most loving fathers and husbands of all time but even good people have a past they would rather not talk about.

McGraw reveals that The trouble began at 11 years old when he accidentally discovered who his father was. He has been raised by his stepdad Horace Smith but after accidentally coming across his birth certificate, it was revealed to him that his birth father was none other than a former Philadelphia Phillies baseball and New York Mets player, Tug McGaw.

After his discovery, he was only able to meet his birth father for a few months but they did not have any contact until Tim was 18. Their relationship was strained from the start.

Tim admitted that his dad’s lack of presence in his life did not make McGraw resent him; rather he had gained a whole new perspective. Learning his father had been a star athlete made him feel like he could achieve something. Rather than becoming bitter about the circumstances, he chose to look at the situation in a more positive light and realize that the same blood that Tug McGaw had flowed within his veins as well and so he would be able to achieve anything, just like his father did.

After that, Tim did work to make his own life better. Although things were not perfect, both father and son did manage to form a bond. However, it did not last very long as Tug passed away of brain cancer at age 59 in 2004. The news was devastating to Tim however he still kept pushing on and did not give up.

In 2015, Tim paid a sweet tribute to his father, wearing a number 45 Mets Jersey, the same number that his father had once worn. Although the sight was a heartbreaking one, it was incredibly sweet and heart melting to see the love and appreciation between the complicated father-son relationship.

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